Learn how to think, not what to think.

Cambridge Centre for Sixth-form Studies is a specialist, independent sixth-form college that delivers a uniquely tailored, personal and inspiring educational journey for UK and international students.

Welcome to CCSS… inspiring education.

Introducing Success

An inspiring education gives you the tools to think for yourself, the desire to achieve your dreams, the confidence to influence, and the experience that sets you up for life.
At CCSS our goal is to help you achieve the very best qualifications you can, in order to gain the university offers you dream of.

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Good teachers teach, the best inspire

Our teachers are the teachers we would all want for our children. Subject specialists they teach exclusively at sixth-form level. They are great communicators, passionate about their subjects and, most importantly, are all determined to inspire their students to be the very best they can be.

We are committed to transforming aspiration into achievement.

Our teaching

Some of the smallest class sizes in the UK

At CCSS you are an individual, in every way. Your courses and learning are tailored to suit your style and your ambitions.

Inspiring teachers, small tuition groups and enthusiastic students all contribute to make your learning at CCSS a unique experience.

Our class sizes are less than half the average for the independent sector in the UK, averaging just six students.

The attention and hours of tuition we can give to each student is quite remarkable and, we believe, unequalled.

CCSS and Cambridge:
the best of student life

Conspicuously welcoming, intellectually challenging and socially enriching, student life at CCSS provides a vast number of ways to enjoy yourself, have new experiences and make friends.

With the classical, cultural and cosmopolitan attractions of one of the world’s most famous cities no more than a short walk away, CCSS links with its Cambridge partners to give you unrivalled educational and extra-curricular benefits.

Student Life

At the heart of Cambridge

As a CCSS student living in the very heart of the city of Cambridge you are immersed in the history and culture of this cosmopolitan location, benefiting from access to prized academic facilities and exceptional opportunities. Eight hundred years of university tradition and scholarship make for a unique atmosphere.

Living in Cambridge

Boarding at CCSS – your first real home from home

Our residences are always in demand. The purpose-built accommodation is close to all our teaching sites, run by dedicated, experienced house managers. Unlike boarding school they do not constrain your every moment – but they are ever watchful, ever-available and ever-caring.

As a boarding student you will discover the special nature of living in Cambridge and enjoying the “out-of-hours” time working and having fun with your friends at CCSS.

CCSS Boarding

You deserve a great education

A contemporary approach to learning, the freedom to make choices and an educational environment filled with vitality and ambition. CCSS guarantees this for you.
We look forward to meeting you.

CCSS… inspiring education.

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