A world-class education

CCSS’s multi-national and vibrant environment reflects the rich diversity that students experience at University and in their careers. Whilst the student community feels predominantly British, CCSS students are from more than thirty countries across the globe, which brings cultural breadth and vitality to our classrooms and boarding houses.

CCSS… inspiring education.

An introduction to study in the UK

A school of great colour, life and energy.

The world today is a much smaller place than it used to be and the ability to get on with people from other countries and cultures is an even more highly desirable and valuable skill.

We want to make sure that our school is as open and as varied as possible, and we only have a small number of students from each country outside the UK. So about 40% of our students are from the UK and over recent years more than 40 countries around the world have been represented at CCSS. This variety brings great life and colour both to our classrooms and our boarding houses.

And a positive, safe and supported experience.

At CCSS we work to make your experience very welcoming, supportive and friendly. Our outstanding teachers are all highly experienced at guiding and supporting our international students to ensure they are confident and able to fulfil their potential.

This makes sure that however daunting it might feel coming to live in a new country, all our overseas students and their families feel at home very quickly indeed.

Why study in the UK

International students this year

“The successful integration of the cultural and international dimensions within the College is a real strength and actively encourages boarders of all nationalities to use English as the natural means of communication.”

Independent Schools Inspectorate

The value of a UK education

The UK is well respected for its world-class standards of teaching, four of the world’s top six universities are here, and course and tuition fees are highly competitive due to the shorter nature of most courses.

We are very proud that although the UK has less than 1% of the world’s population, almost 15% of the world’s current leaders chose a British education. If you look back over the last 100 years the list is astounding!


The essential questions answered

What entry requirements do I need?

If you have completed GCSEs, the standard requirement for our 2-year A-level programme is for students to have achieved grades A* to C in at least five subjects including English and maths. If you have not been studying GCSEs we assess your application individually.

Entry requirements

Is it important to have a good level of English?

Understanding English is really important not only for studying your subjects and for doing well at interview, but also for getting to know other students and getting the most from your social life.

English support

Where can I find the information I need on Visas?

Will I need a visa to study in the UK? How will I get one and when should I apply? How long does it take to get a visa and should I use an agent to get one? These are all valid questions that CCSS can provide support for.

Visa support

Do I need to have a guardian based in the UK?

It is NOT a requirement for students whose parents live overseas to have a Legal Guardian in the UK. However, CCSS recognises that many parents resident overseas find the services of educational guardians to be helpful especially with younger students or if the parents themselves are not fluent in English.

Educational guardians

Cambridge. A wonderfully unique place to live and study.

Full of history, amazing architecture, museums, parks and gardens, Cambridge has a wonderfully unique and relaxing atmosphere. And with a large student community made up of many nationalities you will also find a vibrant creative culture, catering for every taste in art, music, movies, fashion, food, comedy, theatre, dance and shopping.

Living in Cambridge