A passion for teaching and for learning

Driven by a passion for learning and a joy in teaching, our courses and the environment we create provides our students with an unrivalled platform for academic and personal growth. The breadth and flexibility of courses at CCSS allows each individual to tailor their education towards their style and ambitions.

CCSS… inspiring education.


A-levels and GCSE at CCSS

At CCSS we offer one of the widest range of A-level courses in the UK, taught over 1- or 2-years.

A-levels are a unique course, allowing students to focus their passions into specialist subjects in a way almost unheard of anywhere else in the world. And we plan the combination of courses for each student to a plan which is personally tailored to reflect their strengths and support their passions for study and for the future. Most of our students join us at 15 to 18 years old to take A-levels over two years, a plan we find that delivers the very best possible learning experience and preparation for their examinations.

Two-year A-level programme
One-year A-level programme


GCSEs are the examination taken by 15 & 16 year olds in preparation for A-level study. Most schools offer this as a two year course, but CCSS has successfully pioneered a one year programme.

We offer a very broad range of subjects that give students a very varied and balanced introduction to the curriculum. Maths, English and a science subject are compulsory on this course and students usually take between five and seven subjects, depending on their background and future plans. We have found this approach, giving experience of a range of subjects, is perfect for when we sit down and tailor a personal plan for each of our students A-level programme.

GCSE programme

Academically focused education

Some of the smallest class sizes in the UK

At CCSS you are an individual, in every way. Your courses and learning are tailored to suit your style and your ambitions.

Inspiring teachers, small tuition groups and enthusiastic students all contribute to make your learning at CCSS a unique experience.

Our class sizes are less than half the average for the independent sector in the UK, averaging just six students.

The attention and hours of tuition we can give to each student is quite remarkable and, we believe, unequalled.

“My teachers were a great source of inspiration to me; the lessons were never dull, the small classes were very friendly and they really helped me as the teachers were able to focus on just me, just when I needed it. ”

Chinomnso Abba

Good teachers teach, the best inspire

Our teachers are the teachers we would all want for our children. Subject specialists they teach exclusively at sixth-form level. They are great communicators, passionate about their subjects and, most importantly, are all determined to inspire their students to be the very best they can be.

We are committed to transforming aspiration into achievement.

Our teaching