Do you want to prepare for A-levels and other sixth-form, pre-university courses? Our GCSE programme is one way to do just that.

Our GCSE programme is a fast-track one-year course, taught in very small groups (averaging about six) with more lesson time per subject, allowing you to reach your very best standard.

We offer you a broad range of subjects that provides a varied and balanced curriculum that is ideal for future studies in preparation for university.

Who chooses a GCSE programme at CCSS?

  • UK students who, after completing Year 10 at local schools feel that they will benefit from our small class sizes and personal attention.
  • Students whose families are planning to move to Cambridge .
  • International students who want to prepare for A-Level courses.
  • Re-sit students who have not performed as well as they expected and wish to retake GCSE in order to improve their grades and get a firm foundation for further education.

Individual support

With an average class size of six, you receive strong individual support. Our Head of GCSE, Rizvan Ali, has a great rapport with students, you’ll see him every day and he’ll help you keep a close eye on your progress and achievement.

As this is a fast-track course, most students take between five and seven subjects, depending on their background and future plans, selected from Mathematics, English Literature, English Language, English as a Second Language, French, Geography, History, Business studies, Art, Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Computer Science.