Retake – a Fresh Start

There are many, many students who go on to succeed at the highest levels, who for one reason did not achieve their full potential in their exams. For many the right solution is to undertake a fast-track revision course, working with top-class teachers in order to achieve higher grades. A fresh start in a stimulating and supportive teaching environment can be just what you need to get you back on track to success.

At CCSS we ensure that students acquire the skills they need to go on to further study and to excel in their exams.

Teaching staff are committed to helping you build up the confidence, enjoyment and the approach to work that when combined are the essential ingredients of exam success.

One-year A-Level retakes

We cover all the AS and A2 units in depth. You can re-sit existing subjects, or take the opportunity to pursue one or two entirely new A-Levels.

Read more about our one-year A-Level programme.

One-year GCSE course

One year GCSE courses are ideal if you have not been able to achieve your full potential at GCSE or if you want to add an additional subject or two to your qualifications.

Read more about our one-year GCSE programme.

Our admissions specialists are here to help in any way we can.

We are a specialist sixth form college which means we have specialist admissions advisors ready to give you with the personal support and detailed advice you may need in making your application.

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