Retake courses

Retake students graduate from CCSS with improved university options and a much clearer understanding of the skills required to make the best of degree-level work.

Our staff have considerable experience of providing successful exam-focused courses. They are positive, friendly and good communicators and are committed to helping you build up the confidence, enjoyment and approach to work that are the essential ingredients of a successful course.

One-year A-Level retakes

We cover all the AS and A2 units in depth, allowing for a major overhaul of the entire syllabus. You can re-sit existing subjects, or take the opportunity to pursue one or two entirely new A-Levels.

Read more about our one-year A-Level programme.

One-year GCSE course

Our one-year GCSE course is ideal if you have not achieved your full potential at GCSE or if you are and international student with good English language joining the UK educational system and needing some preparatory study before starting A-levels.

Read more about our one-year GCSE programme.