Living in Cambridge

Cambridge has the great advantages of being relatively small, very cosmopolitan and extremely beautiful. It is a lively, ‘student-friendly’ place; safe and with superb facilities to support learning.

The University of Cambridge is of course a globally significant institution. A history of over 800 years of learning has created a place where the opportunities to learn are prodigious. There are museums and galleries, meetings and talks, presentations and debates … so many activities in which you can take part. If you want to get a taste of scholarship at the highest levels even before you leave school, there can be few places on earth that offer so many invitations, and CCSS will encourage you to make the most of them.

The city has combined its tradition of scholarship with becoming an internationally acknowledged centre for commercial development of technology and science. That in turn has seen a growth in the study of management and in business education, and the Judge Business School is just two minutes’ walk around the corner from CCSS.

As a consequence of all of this, the University of Cambridge and its colleges and the lesser-known Anglia Ruskin University have helped Cambridge generate excellent theatre, cinema, concerts, exhibitions, shops (especially bookshops), restaurants, cafés and sports facilities.

Cambridge is a compact city for those fortunate enough to live centrally, which all CCSS boarders are able to do in our boarding houses. This makes it very accessible by bike, or even on foot. So all the attractive features of the city are easy to get to.

Cambridge is a diverse and tolerant place, respecting cultures, nationalities and religions, and you will find CCSS reflects that tolerance and cherishes the opportunity to build on it. CCSS has students typically from about 25 countries, from Nigeria to Thailand, Brazil to Bulgaria. CCSS has no particular religious background, and we welcome you whether you have a faith or not and whatever your religious background.

Our accommodation is open to you 49 weeks per year, as we run summer holiday courses and Easter revision as well as A-level and GCSE courses… Yet however much you love CCSS, we can’t let you stay in CCSS accommodation for more than 42 weeks a year as this would requires CCSS to register as a Children’s Home! In practice, our students go home for summer and Christmas holidays and the problem doesn’t arise. However, the availability of accommodation during the half term holidays and for Easter Revision courses is another appealing aspect of CCSS.