CCSS Policies

The main CCSS policies can be downloaded from the links below

Health and Safety Overview

CCSS has a rigorous and professional approach to its responsibility for health and safety.

Managing Nuts and Other Allergies Policy

The Foundation recognises that a number of members of the Foundation community suffer from potentially life threatening allergies or intolerances to certain foods. Measures are put in place to ensure that there is an awareness of all allergies and to ensure that the risks are reduced to try to prevent exposure and/or a reaction.

Foundation Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy

Sets out approaches and responsibilities in ensuring that the college fulfils its obligations in law to protect its students.

CCSS Anti Bullying Policy

Describes and explains how the college provides an environment in which bullying is minimised, and how any instances are dealt with.

Foundation ICT Acceptable Use Policy

CCSS invests heavily in excellent IT provision and it requires the system to be used responsibly.

Foundation Privacy Notice

CCSS Concerns and Complaints Policy and Procedure

Describes how the college deals with any concerns or complaints raised by parents.  CCSS will deal openly and honestly with any issues raised, in the spirit of wanting to do even better in everything we do.

CCSS Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Policy

CCSS, in line with the SEN Code of Practice 2001, the Disability Discrimination Act and the college’s statement of values, undertakes to make full and proper provision for students with special education needs and other disabilities, where it has the resources to do so.

Equal Opportunities Policy, including Disability Equality Policy and Three Year Accessibility Plan

The college seeks to maintain equality and improve access to its provision for those with disabilities.

Curriculum Policy Statement

This document supplements the information available in our prospectus and guide for parents and students, and is available to parents upon request.

CCSS Boarding – Principles and practice

Boarding is a very important part of CCSS and this document outlines the way boarding operates at CCSS.

Foundation First Aid Policy

Foundation Admissions Policy

This policy concerns admissions of students and should be read in conjunction with the CCSS prospectus and other policies. The policy applies to both boarding and day places at CCSS.

All policies and guides are available from the College office on request.