Teaching and guidance

What tends to strike most visitors on their first visit to CCSS is our very small class sizes, averaging just five or six students per group. This appeals to all students, who recognise that it provides an unparalleled opportunity for individual attention in every lesson, making learning particularly enjoyable and effective.

Teaching Style

CCSS teachers are highly qualified specialists in their subjects and believe in active, student-centred teaching. They believe education isn’t just about remembering or doing, but about understanding. On average, they have over 15 years experience of A-Level teaching and many also have experience as examiners, so know just what is required.

Class time concentrates on achieving a depth of understanding, talking about issues and making sure that students master the concepts involved. This enables students to develop examination techniques and skills, and effective problem-solving strategies.

Monitoring and feedback

Each week, every teacher provides comprehensive subject feedback to their students to highlight current performance and what can be done to improve. Formal reports to parents are sent five times a year, and there are four Parents’ Days during the year. We welcome contact with parents at any time, and invite them to be in touch with tutors or teachers whenever they wish.


Personal tutors

We believe that education is a uniquely individual process. Tutorial meetings take place on an individual basis and give each student an opportunity to talk over academic matters, such as time management, work output and preparing the strongest possible university application, as well as any issues of personal concern.

Tutors provide advice on extra help with academic skills, guidance for university entrance tests, such as UKCAT, BMAT, LNAT, and work experience where this supports university applications, such as in veterinary science, medicine and engineering.

If a student requires very specific help, for example with dyslexia, language or counselling, tutors have access to a range of specialist services to give exactly the right support.