Why study at CCSS?

Why our students think this is such a great college

Our student survey reports that the teaching is expert and knowledgeable; students say that the teachers are friendly, supportive and encouraging.

They say that the very small class sizes enable them to develop their confidence in asking questions and in explaining their own ideas.

These small groups, typically 5 or 6 students, give all the benefits of individual tuition, coupled with an atmosphere of shared purpose, a collaborative approach, and a desire to fulfil ambitions.

Our students know that careful monitoring, close pastoral support, and a thoroughly positive environment gives the very best chance of success.

CCSS, in the heart of Cambridge

Trinity College, Cambridge
Trinity College, Cambridge

CCSS has a philosophy of always extending the opportunities available to its students. Thanks to having the University of Cambridge literally all around us, as we are right in the heart of the city, our students can take full advantage of Cambridge University. From science lectures to art galleries, world famous research is on our doorstep and we help and encourage our students to discover it.

Cambridge boasts collections of international renown and the museum of archaeology and anthropology (top right) opens the eyes of students from all academic disciplines, but perhaps especially those studying sociology, or art.

Cambridge is at the forefront of the technological and computing world – CCSS students are competing in a coding competition (bottom right, above).

Throughout its history the Tower of Cambridge University Library (left, above) has generated awe, rumour, myth and fascination. The Tower and its collections inform contemporary research, inspire writers, and represent over a century of British literary, domestic and popular history. Its exhibitions often feature work of global significance.

Kings College
Kings College

The chapel Kings College, Cambridge is probably the most iconic piece of architecture in the city. We encourage our students to visit all the colleges, but a visit to the King’s chapel is a must, particularly to hear the world-famous choir.

Pembroke College (top left) has a particularly close link with CCSS. One of the CCSS founders, Dr Alan Dawson, is a Fellow of Pembroke College.

The Senate House (bottom left, above) is now mainly used for degree ceremonies. CCSS has students graduating from Cambridge every year.

Christ’s College (right, above) is one of the many colleges with which CCSS has links through its friends and staff.

Follow in the footsteps of:

  • Scientific genii – Newton, Darwin, Kelvin, and Stephen Hawking;
  • Literary giants – Wordsworth, CS Lewis and Xu Zhimo;
  • figures as diverse as the scientist J Robert Oppenheimer, who developed the atomic bomb; the comedians John Cleese and Eric Idle of the Monty Python team; and Prince Charles and Prince William, who will both be Kings of England (although emulating their careers might not be straightforward!).

As a world-famous centre of excellence for teaching, learning and culture, Cambridge is a beautiful city full of history, amazing architecture, museums, parks and gardens. It has a wonderfully unique and relaxing atmosphere and is the ideal place to learn.

For a guide to Cambridge life, including its festivals, museums, shopping and culture click here.

Come and experience possibly the most inspirational educational city in the world!

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