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Find out from our students what it’s really like to study at CCSS.

Name: David

Nationality: British

Course: 2 Year A Levels – Maths, Further Maths, Physics and Chemistry

“CCSS is very relaxed and informal, with everyone, including the teachers, on first name terms. There is still enough structure and focus to ensure that everyone is working towards a common goal, aided by teachers who are positive, knowledgeable and cheerful. The overall environment is cooperative; it feels like you are working with the teachers and there is plenty of support between students. Unwelcome distractions are kept to an absolute minimum. The teachers are careful to ascertain how much support and encouragement are needed, so that each student gets as much or as little attention as they require.”

David achieved four A* grades and is studying for a degree in Automotive Engineering at Loughborough University.

Patawee student profile

Name: Patawee

Nationality: Thai

Course: 2 Year A Levels – Maths, Further Maths, Chemistry and Physics

“CCSS students benefit from small class sizes which provides great opportunities for each student to pursue what they want to know from the teacher.

The teachers can focus on each student in a small class which is effective in ensuring that everyone fully understands what they have been taught. The teachers at CCSS are very helpful. They prepare excellent teaching materials, such as work sheets and presentations, which has really helped me to understand the challenging content.

I have enjoyed studying at CCSS especially the experiments and immersive media which has helped me to visualise the content of each subject, especially science-related subjects.”

Patawee achieved three A* grades and one A grade and is studying for a degree in Mechanical Engineering at Imperial College London.

Jennifer profile

Name: Jennifer

Nationality: Angolan

Course: 2 Year A Level – Further Maths, Maths, Chemistry and Physics

“I wanted to study A levels in the UK as it is the best way to progress to a UK university. My Dad and I decided that CCSS would be the perfect college for me to undertake my A Levels and would be a really good new experience for me, as well as achieving my goal to attend university in the UK. A Levels are offered in a lot of English speaking countries but by living and studying in the UK, and especially at CCSS, they prepare you for what is to come, it’s a step above, so that when you go to university you are prepared, comfortable and settled.

There are many positives of studying at CCSS this includes the excellent teachers and the small class sizes, there are only a few of us in class and we get a lot of attention. In my classes we are all focussed and no one is disruptive, everyone is keen to learn and we have the same goal to achieve and we help and encourage each other.”

Jennifer is now studying Engineering at the University of Birmingham.

Alex Profile

Name: Alex

Nationality: Korean

Course: 2 Year A Level – Economics, Maths, Further Maths and Biology

“One of the reasons I chose to study at CCSS was because of the small class sizes. I like to ask lots of questions, as I find this is a really good way to learn, and it also encourages the shyer students to get involved in discussions and the small class size is perfect for this and is beneficial for everyone.

The teachers at CCSS are all wonderful, they want us to do our best, and they support and help us to reach our maximum potential. They themselves have been to good universities, and have a great deal of knowledge and the quality of teaching is excellent.

I enjoy the freedom and independence that I receive at CCSS whilst still having structure and guidance. The boarding house managers give you good advice and the boarding house is a nice environment, I particularly like the food.”

Alex achieved four A* grades and is studying for a degree in Economics at the University of Cambridge.

Niamh profile

Name: Niamh

Nationality: British

Currently studying: 2 Year A Level – History, Economics, Psychology

“I chose to study at CCSS because it offered a different sixth form experience that was not available locally. Being in the university city of Cambridge was also very attractive since it provides endless academic opportunities, such as public lectures and museums.

The teachers are extremely knowledgeable and will succeed in answering even the most obscure questions. Furthermore, the teachers still encourage an independent style of learning, which is vital preparation for university. Crucially, in the classroom, you feel that no question is a “stupid” or “irrelevant” question; this is essential in provoking debate and encouraging students to think critically and analytically.

I hope to study Social Anthropology at university and then to continue on in the realm of social research.”

James-Yixuan-Li profile

Name: James

Nationality: Chinese

Course: 2 Year A Level – Physics, Mathematics, Art and Design, Chinese

I chose to study Physics, Mathematics and Art & Design A Levels as they are my favourite subjects and they will help me to apply to University so that I can become an Architect. I am aiming to go to either Edinburgh University or University College London (UCL) to continue my studies to achieve my future career aspirations.

I chose CCSS because it is an international school where I have been able to meet other students from all over the world. Making friends and studying in small class sizes have been a really positive experience.

I really enjoy the environment that CCSS and Cambridge offers. As I live in one of the biggest cities in China, which can be noisy and crowded (which is also very similar to London), Cambridge in comparison is a completely different experience to what I am used to.

Name: Caroline

Nationality: Italian and French

Course: 2 Year A Levels – Art, Maths and Psychology

In my opinion the positives of studying at CCSS include the quality of the teaching and the informal relationship with the teachers. The Italian system, from where I come, is actually extremely formal and the lessons are almost never interactive: the way we have lessons at CCSS is completely new for me, but I also found that it is more effective. I cannot make comparisons with other English schools, but from a foreigner’s point of view, I think that is the most positive thing about studying at CCSS.

Whilst experiencing life at CCSS and living in Cambridge I have enjoyed the fact that I am living ‘alone’ without my parents or family and the city itself. Being by myself is something completely new, but not at all terrifying, I find it actually quite enjoyable. Furthermore, living in a lovely place like Cambridge, full of parks and relatively not polluted (at least, in comparison with Milan, my home city).

I also enjoy the friendly atmosphere in the classrooms. The teachers are always ready to help whenever I need it and at the end of my first year I feel that I have learned a lot from all of them.

Maria profile

Name: Maria

Nationality: Portuguese

Course: 1 Year A Levels – Maths, Physics and Chemistry

“I chose CCSS because overall it seemed more relaxed and open-minded than most schools and it felt more welcoming.

I enjoy studying my courses and I have gained a lot of knowledge and feel that I have been improving, which is extremely rewarding.

My teachers always give me the help I need and I am always treated with respect also, my ambitions are taken seriously. I have applied to study at university at Glasgow, Bristol, Swansea, Sheffield and Surrey and it is my future career aspiration to become an astronaut.”

Maria is now studying Aerospace Systems at the University of Glasgow.

Name: Anna

Nationality: British

Course: 1 Year A Levels – Business Studies and English Literature

“I picked A Levels that would be relevant to the university course I am interested in. I chose Business Studies because I knew I wanted to do something related to Business for my future career. I chose English Literature to further develop my written communication skills and open my mind to alternative viewpoints. I chose to study at CCSS because they offered one year A Level courses in the subjects of my interest.

Furthermore, I liked the aspect of small classes whereby the teaching is more personalised and tailored to the students’ needs. One of the main positives of studying at CCSS is also the diversity of students here. Students come from all over the world and this adds another dynamic to one’s education because you learn about the world and different cultures.”

Anna is now studying Business Computing Systems at City, University of London.

Guy profile

Name: Guy

Nationality: British

Course: Five-term A Level – English Literature, Photography and History

“I chose to study at CCSS as I had moved from the UAE where my school had a variation of nationalities, and at CCSS I am in that same environment, allowing me to be more aware and knowledgeable of foreign cultures.

I am studying English Literature, Photography and History A Levels in order to cater to my interests as well as my future aspirations. Moreover, these subjects activate my creative ability as well as my ability to do more mentally challenging subjects. I feel that the teachers at CCSS are properly guiding me through the subjects, they teach with passion for their subject in turn making me more passionate. Moreover, they are kind and listen to any issues. When I or another student has a question they are given a sincere answer. Or when something is done wrong, rather than being told just that, they are given constructive criticism.

At university I hope to study Film Production, which will lead to a career as a Cinematographer.”

Name: Siddha

Nationality: Thai

Course: 2 Year A Level – Geography, Mathematics and Biology

The teachers at CCSS are very talented. They provide deep knowledge as well as creating an enjoyable learning environment. I have enjoyed learning through several practical activities and field trips. The teachers are also friendly and kind. They provide a comfortable environment to study in, monitor and support us and have talented teaching skills that enhance our learning ability to the max. They have several medias and teaching methods that help us to enjoy our studies.

CCSS is located in the centre of Cambridge which provides opportunities to access the University of Cambridge facilities such as museums, talks, and library. Living in the centre of Cambridge also provides the opportunity to participate in events such as the Festival of Science, Festival of Ideas, Winter Wonderland Fairs, etc. I enjoyed going to these events as they have given me valuable knowledge and experiences.

My aim is to go to university and study Geography and I intend to apply to University of Cambridge, Durham University, Manchester University, University College London, and University of East Anglia.


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