A guide for parents resident overseas

CCSS recognises that many parents resident overseas find the services of Educational Guardians to be helpful, especially with younger students or if the parents themselves are not fluent in English. It is NOT a requirement for students whose parents live overseas to have a Legal Guardian in the UK and CCSS offers an alternative for parents who do not wish to appoint an Educational Guardian –

Who is suitable to be an Educational Guardian?

This can be an adult family member, a friend or a business associate. They must be a responsible adult UK resident whom we can contact in an emergency and who will be able to come to the College within 24 hours if need be. They will also be required to accommodate the student if we require the student to leave CCSS during term time for any reason. There are professional guardianship organisations in the UK and the Association for Educational Guardianship of International Students (AEGIS) is a recognised source of advice for parents. Their website is

The responsibilities of an Educational Guardian are:

  1. Where necessary, educational guardians will need to organise/provide accommodation if it is not possible for the student to return home during holiday periods.
  2. Parents’ meetings are important meetings when teaching staff are available to discuss progress and other matters, such as subject choices and Higher Education. Where parents are unable to attend, we welcome educational guardians do so in their place.
  3. In the case of serious illness or injury to a student, it may be necessary for the educational guardian to liaise closely with the College Medical Staff and to act as a communication link with parents. In addition, it is occasionally necessary for a pupil to spend a short time away from college to convalesce and the educational guardian would need to make any necessary arrangements.
  4. In the rare event that a student is excluded from the College for disciplinary reasons they need to be collected at short notice. Under these circumstances, the educational guardian may need to take responsibility for travel arrangements and accommodation. It may also be necessary for the educational guardian to be present at any relevant meetings with the Principal or other staff.

Is there an alternative to an Educational Guardian?

Parents resident overseas choosing not to appoint an Educational Guardian will be automatically enrolled in to the CCSS Extended Service. There is an annual registration charge of £300 for this, plus a per-night charge of £120 for any accommodation arranged. Further details can be obtained from the Admissions Office.

What happens if the Educational Guardian is unavailable?

If at any time during the term an appointed Educational Guardian will be out of the country, or will be otherwise unavailable, we expect to be advised of an alternative educational guardian’s details. If there is an occasion when the educational guardian is unable to house a student, CCSS Extended Service will appoint a short-term educational guardian and the costs and arrangement fees will be passed on to parents.

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