To apply, complete the form below, or download an application form and return it by post.

  1. Part 1: about the student

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  9. Part 2: contact details

  10. We will use these details for all correspondence. Applicants must inform us of any changes.
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  13. Part 3: Telephone numbers

  14. Please give area code (and country code if not UK), plus relationship to applicant - e.g. father, mother, etc.
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  17. Part 4: Email addresses

  18. Please only provide e-mail addresses that are checked regularly. Please state ownership, e.g. home, mother’s place of work, etc.
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  22. Part 5: about the course

  23. Our courses are described in detail on our website. We would be happy to advise you if you are unsure.
  24. What type of course does the student wish to take at CCSS?
  25. If no, you will be required to take the College’s ESL course unless you already hold an IELTS qualification at 6.5 or above (minimum 6.0 in each component)
  26. Proposed subjects at CCSS

  27. Which month and year does the student wish to start the course at CCSS?

  28. Courses normally start in September, but other dates are possible.
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  31. Part 6: Current Education

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  33. Public examinations

  34. If you have taken public examinations, or if you will be taking examinations between now and when you join CCSS, please give details below. If you are not taking examinations, just list the subjects you studied in your most recent year of secondary education.
  35. Part 7: accomodation

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  37. Any student who does not travel to us daily is required to live in CCSS accommodation.
  38. Part 8: Other information

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  41. This information is important in helping us to provide appropriate support for students at CCSS. The information provided remains confidential and CCSS will not discriminate against applicants who declare a specific learning need.
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  43. Part 9: supporting documentation

  44. Please note that the maximum file size is 6MB. Documents larger than this should be emailed to
  45. Submit your application

  46. Please be patient while the form submits - particularly if your attachments are large. Once we have received your application, we will contact you to arrange a visit to the college. For those who can’t visit us in Cambridge we can offer a Skype video interview. If offered a place we will then ask you to complete a registration form and medical history form, and when returned to us with the relevant registration fee and security deposit, you will then be successfully enrolled at CCSS.