Care and Welfare whilst Boarding

At CCSS we know that the happiness, safety and social network of our students is critical to their ability to study and perform at their best. Our pastoral care and the ongoing work of the tutorial team ensure that all students are cared for well and the health and emotional needs are known and supported.


For boarders there is an additional and very important layer of staff, reinforcing our proactive and responsive care system. House Management Staff are tasked to provide:

  • A home from home – staff are always present, contactable and available for our students.
  • Security – we provide 24/7 House Management care and give guidance and support to our students on personal safety both on and off CCSS premises.
  • Healthcare and First Aid provision – a fully qualified nurse is on duty during the day and all House Management staff are qualified first aiders.
  • Mental health and well-being – senior members of the house management team are also trained in Youth Mental Health and counselling.
  • Supervised evening study sessions – these are organised for all students, with direct supervision for those in the GCSE years and a graded level of supervision for A Level students that reflects the type of support they individually require in managing their study time.

In addition students have access to a range of confidential support services and the Cambridge Consultancy, with whom we have an agreement for specialist counselling. CCSS also employs an Independent Listener who is available to help resolve any issues that students, parents or staff may raise.

Boarding life at CCSS is comfortable and friendly. Whilst independence is nurtured and a mature attitude is encouraged there is always a knowledgeable, caring and trained adult available to support students.

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