Food at CCSS

We are very proud of the quality, provision and style of the food that is served at CCSS.

IMG_0069If you are a boarder in one of the CCSS houses, you have high-quality, full-board provision from our expert chefs and catering team. We believe our catering provision is second to none – from the quality of the ingredients to the calibre of the cooking! We know that there will always be a range of tastes and preferences and we do our best to accommodate those. Swordfish and salmon, or cakes and crumble; vegetarian and kosher, carnivore and carbohydrates, you will find all properly and carefully provided for.

You will get to know the catering team very quickly – do let them know when you really like something (we all enjoy some positive feedback) because you’ll find they’re always willing to listen.

A variety of breakfasts is available daily. On a Monday it could be:

Scrambled Egg, Baked beans, Mushrooms, Grilled tomato, Croissants, Porridge.

On a Wednesday:

Muffins, Pain au chocolat, Danish pastries, Granola and Yogurt.

There is also always a range of cereals, toast and spreads and fresh fruit available daily. Breakfast is served in house, unlike some colleges where it is served a twenty-minute cycle ride away in a central canteen facility!

Lunch can be taken either at Kirby’s, our main refectory, or in our popular café in Bene’t Place. Kirby’s serves a wider range and more substantial meals, but the lighter lunches of wraps and baguettes, fruit and cakes in Bene’t Place are often what people prefer in the middle of the day. Typical lunches include:

Mediterranean baked fish with Potato wedges or Vegetarian Quiche served with a variety of salads. Stir fried Beef strips with Noodles or Thai style vegetable curry.

Evening meals are available in Kirby’s, in Batim House and in Hope House. They are all produced to the same high quality. It is not institutional mass catering, but expertly provided food from fresh and healthy ingredients. Evening menus are seasonal and utilise local ingredients were possible.

Our evening meals are completed by home cooked desserts and cakes and there is always fresh fruit available as a lighter alternative.

Examples of the evening meal options are:

Roasted pork steaks with apple with Dauphinoise Potatoes, Stir fried crayfish with egg noodles, and for vegetarians, Stuffed Mushroom with nut bake and vegetables of the day.

Steak and ale pie or Pan fried Salmon supreme, and for vegetarians, Pumpkin Chickpea and coconut curry.

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