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At CCSS our Easter revision courses are designed to support your existing learning to identify gaps in your studies to hone your exam techniques helping build your ability and confidence and boost grades. Revising alone can be difficult but having the support of caring and experienced tutors can make a real difference. All our courses are delivered by experienced subject specialists who are skilled in managing directed revision courses.

Easter revision courses take place during the Easter holidays, running from Monday 10 April 2017 through to Friday 21 April 2017, and are open to all students who are currently studying for GCSE, IGCSE, AS or A Level exams at school or college.

Key Features of our Easter Revision

  • Experienced and Skilled Tutors
    Our academic subject tutors are skilled, experienced and highly qualified specialists and the depth of their knowledge is exceptional.
  • Small Class Sizes
    We offer a wide range of subjects all taught in small class sizes (maximum group size of ten). Working in small groups as a member of a new and focused cohort enables you to extend your comprehension, revise your existing knowledge and fill in any learning gaps.
  • Initial Assessment
    Most subjects will run assessments at the start of the course in order to identify areas where improvement is especially needed.
  • Revision Planning
    You will work through structured revision plans and receive individual assessment and support on every day of the course.
  • Examination Skills
    We introduce and practice exam techniques which helps to build your ability and boost your confidence.
  • Full-boarding in our Accommodation
    We offer students’ high quality, full-board accommodation with supervised study in the evenings all within walking distance of our teaching buildings.

Course dates

Our Easter revision courses cover a two-week period from Monday 10 April 2017 to Friday 21 April 2017.

Week 1 – Monday 10th April 2017 to Thursday 13 April 2017.
Week 2 – Tuesday 18 April 2017 to Friday 21 April 2017.

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Course Location

All Easter revision courses are taught from our Bene’t Place teaching site situated on Lensfield Road.

Easter Revision Courses for GCSE and IGCSE

Please find below a list of GCSE and IGCSE subjects available.

Subject Exam Board
Art GCSE All exam boards
Biology IGCSE All exam boards
Business GCSE AQA
Chemistry IGCSE All exam boards
English Language IGCSE CIE
French GCSE All exam boards
History GCSE All exam boards
Maths IGCSE/GCSE All exam boards
Physics IGCSE All exam boards

Subjects not listed are available on request and will be scheduled on demand; one-to-one sessions can also be arranged.

Easter Revision Courses for A Level

Please find below a list of A Level subjects available.

Subject Exam Board
Biology (Route A)  OCR
Business  AQA
Chemistry (Route A)  OCR
Computer Science  AQA
Economics  AQA
English Literature – by arrangement  WJEC/Eduqas
Fashion & Textiles  All exam boards
French  All exam boards
 Geography  OCR
 Graphics  All exam boards
 History – by arrangement  AQA
 Law  AQA
 Maths  AQA/Edexcel*
 Physics (Route A)  OCR
 Psychology  AQA
 Sociology**  AQA

*The course structure will primarily follow the AQA course which overlaps strongly with Edexcel. However, in order to gain complete coverage C1 and C2 must be studied together as must C3 and C4.

Subjects not listed are available on request and can be scheduled on demand; one-to-one sessions can also be arranged.

** Sociology is available at Year 1 (AS) level only.

Course Times


Each subject undertaken consists of 14 hours of study either morning 9-12.30 or afternoon 13.30 to 17.00.

A Level

Our A Level Easter revision courses start each day at 9am and finish at 5pm with an hour for lunch. Each subject consists of 28 hours of study for the full A Level. Please note it is also possible to study Year 1 (AS) or Year 2 (A2) separately.


Fees per subject for full A Level revision are £900 for 28 hours of study.
Fees per subject for Year 1 (AS) or Year 2 (A2) are £470 per 14 hours of study.
Accommodation fees are £85 per night,this includes three meals per day.

Further information

If you would like to come and study with us please do not hesitate to get in touch. Further details and an application form are available from the Admissions Team.

Call:+44 (0) 1223 707943

Email: admissions@ccss.co.uk

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Call us - +44 (0) 1223 707943

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