IGCSE English Language

Course Overview

Throughout the one-year course you will be taught how to improve your reading comprehension, written expression, technical accuracy and exam technique. Although there are no set texts to be studied for the exam, you will be expected to read a variety of texts in your own time to help you develop the fluency and variety of your writing.


The exam is externally assessed by two 2-hour papers. There are two levels of entry, Core (Grades F to C) and Extended (F to A*)

Papers 1 & 2 (Core & Extended)

Reading Passages

You will develop your reading skills and comprehension by working through past papers and studying a variety of short stories and passages. You will be given advice on understanding and de-coding questions, identifying the relevant points and on planning your answers. You will learn to evaluate and judge your own performance against the mark schemes, sample answers and work of other students.

Paper 3

Directed Writing & Composition

In preparation for the Directed Writing task you will read and study a variety of material on different topics, including articles and past papers. You will also be given advice on how to improve your persuasive and discursive writing skills so that you can produce confident and balanced arguments.

You will also be taught how to develop your descriptive writing skills so that you can produce effective, detailed, imaginative and sophisticated compositions. You will be taught how to plan carefully to produce coherent, well-structured essays. Again a variety of other texts and tasks, and students’ writing will be used to help students develop these skills and broaden their vocabulary.

Exam Board

Cambridge International