GCSE Business Studies

Course Overview

GCSE Business Studies covers three units of study. The first unit, setting up a business, introduces you to the issues concerning the set up and operation of a business such as types of start-up finance and market research methods. It explores the marketing, finance, HR and operations activities of a business. You will analyse the reasons for success and failure, how businesses operate within society and how they engage with a wide range of stakeholders. Unit 2, Growing a Business, then goes on to study businesses as they grow and the opportunities and issues that expansion brings. We look at companies, both Ltd and Plc, and analyse opportunities to use technology to increase efficiency. Unit 3, Investigating Businesses, is a research task where you will investigate a specific business topic. This year the topic is eCommerce.


You will study the following units for GCSE Business Studies:

  • Setting up a Business (Unit 1)
  • Growing a Business (Unit 2)
  • Investigating Businesses (Unit 3)


GCSE Business Studies requires you to submit a mixture of written paper and controlled assessment units. Unit 1 is focused on small start-up businesses and is assessed in an exam. Unit 2 is focused on large, growing businesses and is also assessed in an exam. Unit 3 is a research task where you investigate a particular business topic and write a report to analyse what you found. The report is written in the classroom under exam conditions.

Exam Board: AQA