GCSE History

Course Overview

The new GCSE one year programme offers an exciting opportunity to study a mixture of medieval, early modern, and twentieth century history.


GCSE History is assessed by two exams of one hour 45 minutes taken at the end of the course.

Paper 1

Understanding the modern world

The first section of this paper covers Germany from 1890 until 1945. It charts the causes of World War One and its impact on Germany, the rise of Hitler and the German experience in World War II.

The second section is a study of international relations from 1919-1939. This looks at the impact of World War One on the international order, and at the flaws within the new system that allowed the Second World War to break out just twenty years after the first.

Paper 2

Shaping the nation

The first section of this paper is a thematic study. It takes the topic of migration and looks at its impact on Britain from 790 to the present day. This is a fantastic chance to gain an historical perspective on one of the major challenges facing the modern world.

The second section looks at the reign of Elizabeth I, 1558-1603. It looks at her success in holding on to power in a world of political and religious factions in addition to enemies abroad. It also looks at the development of English seafaring and English culture in this era.

Exam Board