iGCSE Sciences
Co-ordinated (Double)

Course Overview:

The Co-ordinated science iGCSE course allows you to study all three science subjects to gain a good overview of understanding of physics, chemistry and biology, receiving two GCSEs for their combined marks. This course helps you to:

  • Better understand the technological world, with an informed interest in scientific matters.
  • Recognise the usefulness (and limitations) of scientific method, and how to apply this to other disciplines and in everyday life.
  • Better understand the influence and limitations placed on scientific study by society, economy, technology, ethics, the community and the environment.
  • Develop an understanding of the scientific skills essential for both further study and everyday life.

Unit Guide:

Biology Units

  • B1. Characteristics of Living Organisms
  • B2. Cells
  • B3. Enzymes
  • B4. Nutrition
  • B5. Transportation
  • B6. Respiration
  • B7. Co-ordination and Response
  • B8. Reproduction
  • B9. Inheritance
  • B10. Energy Flow in Ecosystems
  • B11. Human Influences on the Ecosystem

Chemistry Units

  • C1. The Particulate Nature of Matter
  • C2. Experimental Techniques
  • C3. Atoms, Elements and Compounds
  • C4. Stoichiometry
  • C5. Electricity and Chemistry
  • C6. Energy Changes in Chemical Reactions
  • C7. Chemical Reactions
  • C8. Acids, Bases and Salts
  • C9. The Periodic Table
  • C10. Metals
  • C11. Air and water
  • C12. Sulfur
  • C13. Carbonates
  • C14. Organic Chemistry

Physics Units

  • P1. Motion
  • P2. Matter and Forces
  • P3. Energy, Work and Power
  • P4. Simple Kinetic Molecular Model of Matter
  • P5. Matter and Thermal Properties
  • P6. Transfer of Thermal Energy
  • P7. Waves
  • P8. Light
  • P9. Electromagnetic Spectrum
  • P10. Sound
  • P11. Magnetism
  • P12. Electricity
  • P13. Electric Circuits
  • P14. Electromagnetic Effects
  • P15. Radioactivity


All candidates must enter for three papers:

Paper 1 – 45 minutes – 30% of final mark. A multiple-choice paper consisting of 40 items of the four-choice type.
Paper 2 – 2 hours – 50% of final mark. A written paper consisting of short-answer and structured questions.

Practical test – 2 hours – 20% of final mark. You will complete practical work, recording observations and conclusions from this.


The combined sciences provide a good base understanding for all the scientific disciplines that will enable further study at A-level for Biology, Chemistry or Physics.

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