At a glance – the CCSS approach

The One-Year History A Level programme provides excellent preparation for those who wish to study at an elite university. It requires a level of self-motivation and discipline on the part of the students that will enable them to cover all four units in less than half of the time of the regular course. Students know the topics that they will study in each lesson. They are given a range of materials in advance, such as short online lectures, printed summaries and detailed reading lists, so that they can come to class ready to clarify and exchange ideas. It is this approach that gives students a degree of university style independence over their studies, while also having seven and a half hours of contact time each week with highly supportive and expert teachers.

Exam Board: AQA

Unit 1:
Stuart Britain, 1603-1642
1 hour 15 minute exam, 25% of total

Unit 2:
The American involvement in Vietnam, 1961-1975
1 hour 30 minute exam, 25% of total

Unit 3:
International Relations, 1945-2004
1 hour 30 minute exam, 30% of total

Unit 4:
An Independent Essay on a topic chosen after consultation with your teachers.
An essay of roughly 4000 words, 20% of total

Suitable combinations

Modern Languages, History of Art, English, Politics and many other subjects combine well with History.

After A Level

After A Level you can, of course, study History at university, alone or in combination with a wide range of subjects. The analytical skills and background you will acquire make it an excellent subject choice if you intend to take a Law or Politics degree.