Private candidates and the CCSS examination centre

Entering as a private candidate through the CCSS exam centre

CCSS can support students or groups of students who need to access examination facilities, but who do not study at CCSS.

As an official examination centre we can enable you take academic exams as a private candidate.

CCSS can provide exam sittings for the main examination boards at GCSE, IGCSE and A Level, including CIE International A Levels and Pre-U. We can also arrange oral exams in most language subjects.

Coursework and Practicals

For legacy GCSE and A Level specifications, we can facilitate written exams providing you have a mark for coursework or practicals from a previous exam series that can be carried over.

One of the few examination arrangements we cannot provide in the new “reformed” specifications at A Level is to oversee, mark and authenticate the new non-examination assessments, including endorsed science practicals.

Next steps

Please download the following items and save or print your entry form:

If you have taken external examinations before, then please insert your UCI (12 digits plus a letter) which should be on your previous statement of results. You will also need your exam entry codes and any unit codes if you have a choice of units or components. For some GCSE and IGCSE exams you will need to specify whether you are taking the Foundation or Higher tier exams. All this information is available on the exam boards’ websites in their subject specification. The fees we charge include the cost of the exam entry, all administration fees, exam hall provision and invigilator costs. Most exams take place at a very well appointed external examination site.

Each examination board publishes its own advice for private candidates. We will guide you through the examination process very carefully and you will find it helpful to read their guidance.

Most of our communication with you will be by email and it is essential that you check your emails to ensure you get vital information sent out to candidates.

Contact our exams centre

Private candidates’ exam centre:

Telephone: +44 (0) 1223 517544

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