Government and Politics

Politicians have a huge power over us, but how much power do we have over our politicians? Studying A Level Government and Politics will provide insight into political beliefs central to an understanding of the modern world. Analytical and evaluative skills will be developed in relation to awe inspiring topics prevalent in this current, fraught political climate.

Course Overview

This course allows you to study contemporary politics and develop a strong understanding of the factors shaping both the British and American systems. You will also gain insight into some of the great political ideas that have shaped the world we live in. This subject helps in the development of discussion and debating skills and encourages you to think beyond the constraints of a textbook.

Unit Guide

In the new, linear programme you will study the following:

Component 1: UK Politics

  • Political Participation, this includes: democracy and participation; political parties; electoral systems; voting behaviour and the media.
  • Core Political Ideas, this includes: conservatism, liberalism and socialism.

Component 2: UK Government

  • UK Government, this includes: the constitution; parliament; Prime Minister and executive and relationships between the branches.
  • Optional Political Ideas, this includes one area from the following: anarchism; ecologism; feminism; multiculturalism or nationalism.

Component 3: Comparative Politics

  • For USA (3A) this includes: the US Constitution and federalism; US Congress; US presidency; US Supreme Court and civil rights; democracy and participation; comparative theories.


The Pearson Edexcel Level 3 Advanced GCE in Politics consists of three externally-examined papers. You must complete all assessment in May/June in any single year.

Special Features

You will visit the Houses of Parliament during the first year, giving you a fascinating insight into what happens inside one of the most important buildings in the world.


Well regarded by all universities, A Level Government and Politics can lead directly to single subject degrees in Politics or International Relations, and to a wide variety of combined courses. There is a considerable range of options open to graduates, including TV and newspaper journalism, the law, the home and diplomatic civil service, local government, business management and political research.

Last year, A Level Government and Politics students progressed onto a wide range of degree programmes including –

University Degree
Durham University Combined Honours in Social Sciences
Edinburgh University English Literature and Classics
University of York Politics
Sheffield Hallam University Politics
Royal Holloway, University of London Politics and International Relations

Exam Board