Qualifications & Preparation for university

preparation-for-universityAlmost all entrants to top UK universities qualify through A Levels, widely regarded as the “Gold Standard” preparation for university. CCSS offers a broad range of A Level courses, combined with ESL provision, as well as other preparatory courses such as our Pre-Programme and GCSEs.

A Levels are unique, allowing a degree of focus and specialisation that is almost unheard of anywhere else in the world. This specialisation makes A Levels excellent preparation for the wide variety of degree subjects on offer in UK universities.

A Levels do not cause you to be “over-specialised”. For most degrees, universities will not mind which A Level subjects you take. A Levels are challenging and rewarding, and if you are successful they provide clear evidence of your ability to reason, to learn and to study.

As part of your application process you will receive expert guidance through your A Level choices. Full details on the flexibility of A Levels can be found at university.which.co.uk.

The CCSS guidance process for university applications

All CCSS tutors have full training in the UK university applications process, and CCSS has experience with applications to universities in other countries. Whether on a one-year or two-year programme, you will be fully supported and guided in university choices, meeting weekly with your tutor, who oversees your successful university application.

Preparation for university (the two year programme)

IMG_0605Preparation begins in the Lower Sixth year when you are introduced to the UCAS website and complete a diagnostic degree choice questionnaire. All universities require you to have a recognised qualification in maths and English, and we ensure that you receive the necessary tuition to achieve this.

If you are interested in applying to Oxford University or Cambridge University, or to courses in law or medicine, we provide you with a specialist programme of advice for these applications.

The quality of your written and spoken English needs to be at an extremely high level and we provide comprehensive ESL support to help you achieve these standards.

Early in the spring term you receive detailed advice about specific university courses to suit your strengths and ability. Your tutor offers guidance and information on co-curricular activity to enhance your application by widening experience and knowledge. Students regularly win places on Headstart maths and engineering courses; attend workshops in law, chemistry, medicine, dentistry, physiotherapy; and enjoy University taster days for social science and humanities subjects.

Preparation for university (the one year, fast-track programme)

Preparation begins at interview, as you need to be very clear about the path you wish to take. This is not normally a problem because if you are committed to a fast-track course, you will already have thought through very clearly what your goals are. If you are interested in Cambridge or Oxford universities or in studying medicine, you must discuss this with us at interview.

We have tutors who specialise in the one-year programme and they will ensure that you complete your UCAS application promptly, guiding you through the processes quickly and efficiently. As a one-year student, you need to complete your applications as soon as possible in your first term to ensure you can focus on working hard to get the results you need to achieve your university offers.