5 steps to better concentration

Improve concentration

Being “brain fit” really does matter at every stage of life, whether you are studying for exams, consolidating your next career move or enjoying a new hobby in your spare time. Alongside memory, concentration is one of the most important abilities you possess. It’s a skill that benefits you in every scenario, when you study, read, work, drive, complete tasks and everything in between. Good concentration skills help you control your thoughts, enhance memory, strengthen your intuition and work more efficiently. Unfortunately, in today’s chaotic world it can be so easy for your mind to wander.

If you struggle to concentrate, don’t worry, you’re not alone. A recent study revealed that the average British attention span is now 14 minutes, so it’s no wonder people are looking for ways to better their concentration levels. Read on to discover how to better concentration in 5 simple steps.

Train your brain

There are many ways that you can trick your brain into concentrating better. The ‘Five More Rule’ is a great one to master. Verywell Mind introduces this useful brain training trick that could stand you in good stead in every situation:

“There are two kinds of people—those who have learned how to work through frustration and those who wish they had. From now on, if you’re in the middle of a task and tempted to give up, just do FIVE MORE. Read five more pages. Finish five more math problems. Work five more minutes. Just as athletes build physical stamina by pushing past the point of exhaustion, you can build mental stamina by pushing past the point of frustration.”

Work on stretching your brain’s ability to concentrate even when you don’t feel up to it, and improved concentration levels will follow.

Use music to your advantage

Setting the scene for better concentration is another must, and alongside banishing technology from the vicinity, music can play an integral role. Find the right brain boosting music to help you focus, not forgetting to try certain genres of music (Classical is renowned for its concentration enhancing prowess), white noise or complete and utter silence.

Focus on healthy eating

As the saying goes “you are what you eat”, and this sentiment couldn’t be truer for people looking to boost concentration. Blueberries, avocados, leafy green vegetables, fatty fish, flax seeds and nuts all contain the healthy goodness needed to boost memory and focus as well as improve the health and power of the brain as a whole. Wash these healthy foods down with plenty of water and green tea to ensure more brain power boosting benefits. For students, healthy eating is possible on a budget too, just check out our latest guide.

Fancy a sweet treat to get your concentration levels where they should be? Certain types of chocolate have been found to increase mental alertness. The only rule being it has to be dark – not the milky, sugary kind we all love.

Exercise your body and your brain

Keeping your body and mind healthy is more than just eating and drinking right. Increase your physical activity to trigger the release of chemicals that impact and improve learning and memory. Don’t forget to exercise your brain too. Continuously learning something new, whatever your age or ability, will keep your brain active and healthy. Spark a new interest by visiting the exciting and educational attractions just a stone’s throw away from CCSS.

Sleep your way smart

We’ve covered the benefits of getting a good night’s sleep extensively across our blog, but getting serious about shut eye is about more than just feeling refreshed come the morning. Sleep, particularly the slow wave stage that comes before REM sleep, gives your brain and body the time it needs to power down whilst consolidating and strengthening vital cognitive functions.

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