Be prepared for A Level results day

Prepare for results day

After much hard work, you found your revision style, mastered your revision timetable and completed those exams to the best of your abilities. Now comes the big wait. A Level results day is almost upon us – it’s Thursday 16th August this year. But until that fateful day arrives, your thoughts are likely to be preoccupied with what that envelope has in store for you. Awaiting exam results can cause a lot of stress and anxiety, even for the most confident students. There are several steps you can take to keep a cool head in the run up.

Take control well in advance

Take the time to understand what your results could mean, long before A Level results day. As well as having everything ready in your UCAS account so you can check your status on Track, understanding what results will get you into your chosen universities or colleges is important.

Regardless of your results, you have plenty of options. If you do better than expected, for example, you can try UCAS Adjustment service to find alternative courses that better suit your abilities. If things don’t go to plan, there’s no need to worry, UCAS Clearing service allows you to explore other options in higher education. Being prepared on the day itself also puts your mind at ease, make sure you have a charged mobile, pen and paper and the contact details of your firm and insurance universities to hand so you can take immediate action if necessary.

Stay positive and breathe!

It’s always easier to picture the worst possible outcome than the best. Northumbria University psychology expert Sandy Wolfson explained why ‘catastrophising’ is something that should be avoided by students waiting on results, in this article from Chronicle Live:

“It’s a total distraction, it doesn’t do anybody any good, but it’s something we all do. It’s helpful for people to be aware of this tendency and try to avoid doing it too much, because at this point you’re in a situation where you don’t have any control over the results.”

Wolfson goes onto recommend practising a relaxation technique, an exercise that will be helpful for nervous students on the morning of results day also. Keeping a clear head when big decisions need to be made is vital.

Look after yourself

It’s a really good idea to look after your health and wellness whatever life has to throw at you. Exam season is no different. Stress and anxiety management will help in more ways than one as the countdown to A Level results day 2018 continues. In addition to making time for a hearty breakfast, make sure you use your summer off to get plenty of rest. Sleep will no doubt be the last thing on your mind, but getting a good eight hours will have a positive impact on your mental and physical well-being.

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