Award Ceremony – achievement celebrations

Well done and congratulations to all our students who won prizes at the annual CCSS Awards Ceremony this week. The event was held at St Barnabas Church in Cambridge and it was a perfect opportunity for staff and students to come together and celebrate the enthusiasm, determination and exceptional effort displayed this term by the students.

Here’s a breakdown of all the awards and winners:

Humanities Award

  • For an excellent term’s work showing enthusiasm for her studies and good progress – Anna
  • For an excellent term’s work showing dedication, effort and progress – Yejiang
  • For an excellent term’s work: her conscientious approach has led to good progress – Yan

MFL Commendation

  • For her enthusiasm, determination and resilience in her studies – Amy

Social Sciences Award

  • In recognition of exceptional effort and consistently working to improve – Arimoku

International Foundation Programme Award

  • In recognition of exceptional effort and a positive attitude – Ion Non

Social Sciences Award

  • In recognition of the exceptional effort made towards academic improvement – Evita
  • In recognition of exception effort and academic progress – Ruby
  • In recognition of exceptional effort and outstanding academic achievement – Trin

Visual Arts Commendation

  • In recognition of her effort, hard work and independent study – Felicity

Science and Social Science Commendation

  • In recognition of his maturity, effort, hard work and achievement in science and economics – Juhyeong

Science Commendation

  • In recognition of his hard work, maturity and achievement in Physics and Computer Science – Luke
  • In recognition of his effort, hard work and progress in Science – Mustafa
  • In recognition of his effort, hard work and progress in Computer Science – Nicolo
  • In recognition of her hard work, determination, progress and achievement in Physics – Seoyeon

Mathematics Award

  • Awarded for innate curiosity and reasoning – Quinn
  • Awarded for excellence in mathematics – Minghao
  • Awarded for excellent effort and application in the study of mathematics – Chloe
  • Awarded for a positive and constructive approach to mathematics – Vincent
  • Awarded for mathematical discussion and sharing of ideas – Ke

ESL Commendation

  • For her consistent effort, hard work and conscientious approach – Fueangpachara
  • For his hard work, focus and friendliness and for a great presentation to the class – Minghao
  • For her hard work, friendliness and positivity in class and for helping her classmates – Pannaree

GCSE Tutor Commendation

  • For his commitment to his studies and the progress he has made – Haein
  • For improvement to attitude, approach to work and punctuality – Longyu
  • For her persistence in her studies – Madison
  • For her commitment to her studies – Yan

Boarding Awards

  • Longyu
  • Nicolo
  • Amy
  • Madison
  • Haein

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