Boarding in Cambridge

Boarding in Cambridge

Cambridge is a must visit European destination for people from all walks of life. Thanks to Cambridge University’s recent success in the Complete University Guide 2019 rankings – it beat Oxford to top the league table – it’s also still one of the most desirable places to study. You don’t have to wait until university to study in Cambridge though. Our fantastic college means you can begin your love affair with this magnificent city a little earlier than planned.

Thanks to our boarding facilities, we provide a home from home for students looking to enjoy the highest-quality education in great surroundings. But for those new to boarding, what can you do to prepare and make the most of your stay?

Boarding tips for students

Whether you’re moving from a neighbouring county or from a little further afield boarding for the first time can be a daunting experience. Relishing your newfound independence is what boarding is all about, and you’ll soon find that it’s one of the best experiences of your life. Homesickness is of course the number one problem when boarding, just as it is with university students.

According to the National Union of Students (NUS) homesickness affects up to 70% of UK students, but there are many steps you can take to tackle feelings of homesickness. Save the Student is just one great resource that provides tips to deal with homesickness:

“It might be tempting to treat your room as your own little safe haven, but staying in too much will only serve to make you feel worse. Isolating yourself will make your feelings more intense, as you’ll spend even more time pondering on what you miss about home. Try to keep yourself busy by taking part in social activities, studying at the library rather than in your room, getting a part time job or even trying out some extracurricular activities.”

Getting involved in campus life is essential to successful boarding life. You’ll have access to a number of opportunities while boarding that you may not get at home, so grab these with both hands and enjoy. Boarding at college also offers excellent practice for moving away to university and adult life in general, giving you the opportunity to grow as an individual, explore new experiences and forge friendships that will last a lifetime.

Boarding at CCSS

Based close to college, our boarding houses provide easy access to our educational facilities whilst supplying a fully supported way of living for students from all backgrounds. As well as our boarding houses being fully staffed around the clock, the rooms within are well appointed with access to ensuite facilities plus all the modern conveniences (including superfast fibre broadband) you’d expect.

Students aged between 14 and 17 can take residence at St Barnabas, and students aged 16 and over can stay at Scholars House just across the road. We also have a dedicated boys-only boarding house, Hope House, located close to Cambridge University Botanic Garden.

For further information about boarding at CCSS, please click here, or contact us direct.

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