Cambridge Model United Nations held at the Stephen Perse Foundation

Over the weekend of 8th – 10th March, eight CCSS students took part in the Cambridge Model United Nations, hosted by our colleagues at the Stephen Perse Foundation. Throughout this three day conference, our students were representing the views of Egypt and Iran in the different committees.

On the Friday, all of the delegates were welcomed to the school during the Opening Ceremony, which included a speech from Stephen Perse Principal Tricia Kelleher reminding everyone of the issue and threat of rising populism and nationalism across the world. After the ceremony, there was time for lobbying in the committees. This is when the students try to find supporters of their prepared resolutions on lots of different issues the world is facing, including animal cloning, the gender pay gap, women’s rights in the developing world, denuclearisation, trade blocs and the issue of sending extra troops to end UNAMID. In the Historical committee, delegates were challenged to go back in time and propose solutions to issues discussed at the Yalta Conference, such as the questions surrounding post-war Germany. The first day ended with dinner in the Stephen Perse dining room, and was the first real chance for everyone to meet and chat.

Saturday was a full day of debating, beginning at 9am. Lots of resolutions were discussed and debated, ultimately either being passed or rejected. Since many schools had come a long way from overseas, including from Russia, Turkey and the Netherlands, the day ended a little early in order to give them time to explore Cambridge. The Saturday was rounded out with the social event, held at the Stephen Perse 6th Form College. With a dance floor in place, everyone was able to let their hair down and really enjoy themselves. The students with a passion for dancing unloaded their last reserves of energy on the dance floor, whilst others spent the evening enjoying card games with delegates from many of the other schools involved in the conference.

The last day of the conference was on Sunday, and this meant that the focus in committees was on finalising resolutions, even if that meant amending them clause by clause in order to get them passed. The day ended with the Closing Ceremony and the declaration that the conference was now officially closed. Overall, these three days came to an end with successful, creative, innovative and new ideas being formed in order to help make the world a better place.

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