Excellent GCSE/iGCSE results

CCSS students are celebrating excellent results in the examinations they took this summer. With the gradual introduction of the new numerical grading system for GCSE, comparisons are less straightforward than in previous years, but on a like-for-like basis this year’s results are amongst the college’s best ever, with over half the examinations taken getting A* or A equivalent awards.

In the new examination marking system, the new grade 9 is the very top few percent of achievement. The national averages last year were that 2-3% of entries were awarded grade 9. The CCSS record this year was 8% of the Year 11 entries getting this new top grade.

Two students, Roxana Spiegel and Mattias Shaw James got almost a clean sweep of A* equivalent grades. CCSS Principal, Stuart Nicholson, congratulated students and teachers on their hard work and success. “It is all about working hard throughout the course. Teachers inspire their students and they respond enthusiastically to their teachers. Well done to them all.”

Amongst the CCSS students was a group of seven Year 10 Turkish students from Denizati School in Istanbul. They have been taught online using videoconferencing from CCSS for the last year, a system that CCSS has used successfully with UK schools as well as those overseas. The students were taught by CCSS maths teacher Mallory Heerema, who achieved great things with them in just 75 minutes a week, plus a week’s masterclass lessons in Cambridge during the year and a week in Cambridge before the examination this summer. All of them achieved grades 6-8, equivalent to all getting grades A*-B in the old system.

CCSS Principal, Stuart Nicholson, praised the expertise of his teacher and the determination of the students, “The quality of teaching at CCSS makes such a difference to many students, but to achieve such great results in just one year, in about a quarter of the lesson time that is usually given to GCSE maths, on a new course, with students working in a second language, is quite remarkable. Congratulations to them, to Mallory, and to Simsek Cagli their teacher in Istanbul, who was also so supportive.”

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