Geography Field trip to London Docklands and Stratford

On 23 November a mixture of lower sixth and upper sixth geography students went on a geography field trip to London. The aim of the day was to investigate the role that regeneration is playing in two areas of London. For the lower sixth it was their first chance to experience fieldwork and what they are going to need to do to complete a successful piece of coursework. For the upper sixth it was a chance to keep their skills up-to-date and to refresh their memories of the regeneration places topic. The group first looked at several sites in Canary Wharf and used a range of techniques including environmental quality surveys and questionnaires to measure how successful regeneration had been. In the afternoon the students moved to Stratford and carried out the same techniques which allowed us to compare the two areas. Over the whole day the students walked over 8 miles and they kept their focus throughout despite it being very cold and windy.

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