The importance of having a personal tutor

Personal tutor with student

Every student deserves the best possible guidance and support to ensure they perform to their full potential. Here at CCSS we offer the very best personal tutors to our students, so to enable them to get the most positive experience possible.

Why is a personal tutor so important?

Think of your personal tutor as a go-to for all your educational and personal support needs. They offer a similar service to the student support system in place at most universities. Student support officers are there to help you with academic writing skills, referencing, avoiding plagiarism and preparing for exams. They also offer advice when it comes to dealing with stress and anxiety, both issues presenting problems for many students.

At CCSS personal tutors are here so that students can talk about any personal problems or concerns they have with any aspect of student life. As a student, you can chat to tutors about everything from your wellbeing to study skills. You can also discuss any academic matters that you have, including UCAS advice, university course progression, mentoring and work productivity. Tutors will also help when it comes to your university application, offering valuable guidance and support. At CCSS: “Tutors are backed up by a wide range of specialist service providers who assist any student requiring a little more support, for example language support or counselling provision.”

The benefits of a personal tutor

Personal tutors at CCSS are here to encourage and support students, and to offer advice on a multitude of issues. Our personal tutors are also a link, connecting students, parents, teachers and boarding staff.

Teacher with student

Students meet with their personal tutor once a week to discuss any issues, and tutors will give advice and support where needed. This is when students get the chance to talk through any personal and educational concerns they have, get advice on degrees and universities, as well as help with study skills, time management and revision skills.

CCSS say:

“Our support is close and effective, which enables parents to have confidence that their children are being cared for and kept safe. This is achieved in an unobtrusive way, encouraging students to gain a sense of self-determination and grow in personal responsibility. A key philosophy of CCSS is to enable students to benefit from the highest levels of care and support offered by the independent sector, while also being guided towards the independence and skills that are essential for success at university.”

All our students at CCSS are given the best support so that they can achieve academic success, personal development and a rich cultural and extra-curricular experience.

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