Internationalism and its benefits


With more and more international students coming to study in British schools, colleges and universities, we are becoming a more diverse academic community. There are many benefits for students who study in a multicultural environment.

Internationalism will open a whole new world!

International and UK students who study together are able to share new ideas and concepts, as well as cultures. Diversity and multiculturalism have led to significant changes in education, benefiting both students and schools. It is also increasingly popular for students to study abroad, so as to learn from a different perspective.

Saman Anwar, who writes an educational blog for the Guardian newspaper explains why he chose a university with lots of international students:

“When I start university this October, you may be surprised to know that the thing I am most looking forward to is meeting the international students. This is one of the reasons why I made the London School of Economics my first choice – I knew it was very multicultural, the complete opposite of the town in which I live. Personally, I feel meeting people with different values and beliefs will help me widen my cultural awareness, gain new perspectives and improve my social skills. I will be coming across people I probably wouldn’t have met at all if I hadn’t gone to university…LSE has a diverse range of societies that really reflect its multiculturalism, from the Czech and Slovak society to the Chile society. Many host events throughout the year, showcasing dance, music and drama. By attending, local students develop an interest in the culture and politics of other countries.”

Benefits of internationalism in education

StudyingOne of the main benefits of studying internationally is getting to see the world. Being taught by a foreign educational system is a fantastic way to understand a host country’s people, traditions and culture.

Internationalism will also help with future career opportunities. Many students who study abroad choose to stay or return to that country to pursue a career. Future employees are attracted to graduates who have been educated abroad, as it shows that they have a broad spectrum of education, culture and are willing to learn.

At CCSS more than half the students are from the UK and EU countries, the rest come from all over the world. CCSS Principal, Stuart Nicholson explains that diversity in education benefits everyone, “Currently we have representatives of more than 26 nationalities studying at CCSS,” he says. “It’s an incredible opportunity for our students to broaden their horizons and achieve a better understanding of the world as a whole and the people in it. After studying here, i don’t think international business or travel can hold any fears for them.”

Anna, a Business and English Literature A Level student at CCSS explains the benefits of internationalism, “One of the main positives of studying at CCSS is also the diversity of students here. Students come from all over the world and this adds another dynamic to one’s education because you learn about the world and different cultures.”

Being educated in an internationally diverse environment will also open your mind and teach you more about accepting and understanding the cultures of others. Jose Picardo, another writer from the Guardian Educational blog, says:

“Global awareness and international collaboration during the formative years results in more rounded individuals, encouraging our pupils to see things from different perspectives and helping them to make informed decisions, acquiring transferable skills that will be useful to them and will remain with them for life.”

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