Making the most of your sixth form experience

Sixth form students

Attending sixth form offers a rewarding experience that students won’t forget in a hurry. Making that transition from secondary school to sixth form college is a big leap. It can also be something of a culture shock. The increased freedom and flexibility can be strange for school leavers used to more rigid rules. However, learning to make the most of opportunities available to you, and relishing the sixth form experience, is key to success in further education or future careers. In this blog post, we offer our top tips for sixth form success, so you can enjoy every single moment.

Take time to rest and recharge

The majority of secondary school pupils have bedtimes imposed by parents. Once in sixth form, you will have to achieve a balance between work, life and leisure independently. To truly make the most of your sixth form experience, make sleep a priority. Sleep matters, as we explored recently in our post about the benefits of a good night’s sleep. Getting eight hours or so each night will help you take on the challenges of sixth form life.

As a sixth form student you may have to contend with more sleepless nights than before, due to added workloads and exam pressure. In fact, sleepless nights were one of the Telegraph’s seven things no one tells you about starting sixth form. Establishing a good sleep routine during those early days of sixth form is therefore imperative.

Make studying a group thing

The need for revision doesn’t go away when you enter sixth form. No one said you have to study alone, though. In sixth form the opportunities and spaces for collaborative study are more obvious than they may have been at school. There are many benefits to studying with friends, as explained here by Medium:

“When you’re part of a study group, you’re accountable to more than just yourself. Your friends are depending on you to be at regularly scheduled meetings. This will increase your motivation for studying and curb procrastination. Besides, your friend group will be able to remind each other about study times and due dates. You’ll be able to ask your friends questions about the coursework that you might not have understood. They may be able explain concepts and clarify any doubts you have. Furthermore, by reviewing the materials again and again, you’ll retain information better.”

Studying together will also help you obtain the peer support you need to stay positive at the most stressful of times, including during exam season.

Lean on your tutors for support

It’s not just your friends that will provide a vital source of support during your time at sixth form. Speaking to and working with your tutors is another essential part of stimulating your mind, establishing yourself in further education and making the most of your time at sixth form.

While you will be encouraged to be more independent at sixth form, your tutors are there to help. Speak to them every step of the way for advice about learning and life at sixth form.

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