Top tips for study success

Study tips

Whatever your chosen A Level course, finding success is the primary objective of attending college. Studying is an important part of your journey from A-Level student to college graduate. Yet, students at all stages struggle to find the study methods that work for them.

We work hard to support our students in all areas of their personal and academic progression. Ensuring study success is one of the objectives students want to achieve. Here, we take a look at the top tips that could help you study more effectively right now.

Avoid cramming

Cramming is a route many students take to achieve success in exams. In fact, a recent survey saw some 99% of students admitting to cramming. Contrary to popular belief, this method often results in more failures than successes.

Memory retrieval relies on familiarity, which makes studying over a period of time to recognise material a much better route to good recall. Instead of cramming, space out your studies to achieve better understanding.

Join a study group

Buddying up for study success is another must for students of all ages. How you achieve those desired academic goals doesn’t have to be your best kept secret. Instead, you can work with your fellow students to ensure triumph.

Participating in a study group on a regular basis has been proven to limit procrastination as well as help students gain new perspectives and learn new study skills alongside the subject matter they need to understand. Students in study groups or with a study buddy also tend to learn faster as Speedyprep explains:

“Working together, students in study groups can generally learn faster than students working alone. For instance, some part of the textbook that seems completely confusing to you could be quite clear to another student. In a study group, instead of spending valuable time puzzling over the difficulty, you can learn quickly by simply asking a question. In addition, you can help your fellow students when they have difficulties understanding something that you do understand.”

Look after yourself

There are many factors that affect just how well your brain can absorb the information you’re trying to learn. Sleep, for example, is critical to your focus and learning ability. Our brains need sleep to function and store memories for the long term. Looking after your body and mind through a healthy, balanced diet is imperative, whilst exercise and fresh air have been found to improve learning.

Make studying your routine

Whether your exams are coming up or not, making study a part of your routine is the best habit you can develop as a student. It’s one tip that will stand you in good stead for the rest of your college and university days, as well as your continuing development in the workplace. Consistency gets results, so make studying an effortless part of your day rather than an intense experience in the run up to exams.

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