Common study problems and how to solve them

Study problems

Studying is an important part of everyone’s school, college, and university days. Whatever career path you wish to take, studying is certain to help you on your way to achieving your goals. Finding the right study method early on will stand you in good stead for the rest of your academic journey. It’s easier said than done though. In this blog post, we take a closer look at the common study problems encountered by students of today and just what you can do to solve them.


Procrastination is one thing we’ll all be guilty of at some point in our lives. It’s the action of delaying or postponing something, and is so easy to do during your college and university years.

Creeping deadlines, overdue essays, impending exams, and looming presentations should, in theory, motivate us to do more work. Yet in many cases, we do the opposite. The technologically-driven age in which we live also makes procrastination easier than ever, with social media, games, and TV all providing great escapes from reality. As well as changing your mindset to avoid procrastination, creating a study-friendly environment certainly helps as The Telegraph details:

“If you live in halls and the shady light and white walls make you feel like you’re in a horror movie, don’t worry. Buy posters, a good lamp, put some photos on the walls and make it look like you own the place. Also, buy a plant. Green is a good stimulant for studying and it creates a peaceful atmosphere. Try to find your spot where you can be Zen and let some natural light into the room.”


Getting organised is a skill that many of us have to learn when moving away from home to study at college or university. Without the right planning or organisation, your time spent studying is likely to be less of a success and more of a stress-filled obstacle course. Being proactive is a great way to hone your organisational skills and plan for success.

Making a list or creating a study schedule will help you better use your time, whilst learning how to delegate in other areas of your life will help you to focus and concentrate better. Setting milestones and rewarding yourself for reaching them is also advantageous and thoroughly motivating.


No matter how much you love the subject that you are studying, boredom is bound to set in at some point, particularly if you need to dedicate hours to improving your understanding and memorising all the facts and figures that are relevant to the topic. Don’t let boredom hamper your success. Instead, make study a part of your daily routine, taking regular time out to refresh your mind and replenish your body.

Adding the fun factor to your studies will also help. Visiting exciting and educational attractions is an interactive way of immersing yourself in your chosen subject matter. For subjects that have lost their sparkle, a well-timed day trip can make a huge difference, reigniting your passion for a specific topic, and motivating you once more to put in the study time and achieve those bigger goals.

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