Turning teacher for revision success

Teaching for revision

Study groups are a popular way of learning the most difficult subjects more effectively. Many A Level students respond well to participating in study groups. They find that a group setting helps them learn faster, gain insight on new perspectives, fill learning gaps and break up the monotony of revision. However, there are other students who don’t reap the same rewards.

But that doesn’t mean you have to study alone. Teaming up with another student who knows little about the subject might actually be the answer. With exam season underway, exploring the revision techniques that will help you work smarter and retain more information is crucial. But could teaching someone else a subject be the key to understanding it? Here, we reveal some of the plus points of ‘turning teacher’ for revision success.

We teach, we learn

Roman philosopher Seneca once said “while we teach, we learn”. Modern day scientists are now looking more closely at what is dubbed the ‘protégé effect’. There are numerous studies that have cemented the facts behind this famous quote. One study in particular, published by Science, found that first born children had higher IQs due to the time spent teaching younger siblings.

Whether it’s younger siblings who are your students, your parents, or your friends, teaching a subject to someone else has been proven to be one of the best ways of learning and understanding topics. To be a good teacher requires you to work harder to understand and recall material with more accuracy, a trait that will be beneficial during exams.

Skills for the long haul

Turning teacher in the run up to exams won’t just help you hone school skills. The preparation you have to complete in order to teach a lesson, and the interpersonal and observation skills developed during a teaching session are both experiences you can draw from outside of the classroom. Teaching someone else a subject that you are trying to revise will help you achieve so much more than validating your own understanding and knowledge, as Effectiviology details:

“There are additional benefits to teaching others, such as improved communication skills, increased confidence, and improved leadership ability. Most importantly, studies show that peer-teaching is also highly-helpful to the students being taught, since they often learn better when their teacher is someone that they are close to in terms of social and cognitive distance.”

What makes a good teacher

We recently took a closer look at what makes a good teacher. Selecting a revision subject that helps you achieve your learning objectives is important. Choosing subjects that you need more clarification on is recommended, as preparing and teaching others on a topic will help you strengthen your knowledge and fill in the missing blanks.

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