The benefits of part time work

part time work

Being a student comes with a variety of perks. Student life does however come with a price tag, which leads many students to find part time work to fund and make the most of their time at college. According to a recent survey, 77% of UK students are working part time. Here we explore the benefits that part time work unlocks for sixth-form students in particular.

Develop the skills you need to succeed

As well as getting the right qualifications for your chosen vocation, backing up the skills you learn in the classroom with real-world experience is important. There are many essential and attractive skills that can’t be taught but are developed over time. A part-time job offers the perfect opportunity to develop many of the skills that modern day employers are looking for.

From commitment, customer service and organisation to time management, teamwork and leadership, evidencing and demonstrating such skills will certainly put you ahead of other candidates, so don’t forget to include them on your CV.

Take a break from your studies

Being a student is hard, and sometimes you need to break the cycle of classes, revision, projects and late nights to use the time you have more efficiently and effectively. A part time job offers the break students need, as well as the opportunity to make better use of downtime. As The Big Choice describes there are many part time jobs that provide the flexibility sixth-form students need to strike the right balance between work and study:

“The main thing to remember is that you’re going for a part-time job, not full-time. This means you’ll work less than 40 hours a week, and maybe even just five or 10 hours. Part-time jobs offer a flexibility that will help you keep up your coursework and earn some cash at a time that won’t interfere with your studies. You can work during weekdays when you’re not in class, on weekends in busy city centre shops, or you can take some shifts in a bar or restaurant on evenings. Part-time work doesn’t have to take over your life, and can actually be something you enjoy as a break from your studies or a way to hang out with colleagues you’ve become friends with.”

Earn extra money

One very obvious benefit of working part time as a student is the extra money that a job brings in. As the cost of living increases, so too does the expenses of student life. From April 2018, the National Minimum Wage for those aged under 18 will increase from £4.05 to £4.20, so what better time to take on a part time job? Even a small cash injection every month can make a huge difference to student life. With a part time job, you’ll have more money to make the most of student life.

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