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Research from The Student Room revealed that 4 out of 10 students were unhappy or had second thoughts about their university choices, but it’s not just your choice of university that may inspire a case of cold feet. Selecting the most fitting college to gain your A Level qualifications is just as daunting, and unfortunately, not every individual gets it right first time. If you’re not happy with your college and have recently completed your first year, you don’t have to stick it out for another year. Here at CCSS, our Year 13 entry A Level courses offer excellent options for those looking to start afresh somewhere new without starting their A Levels all over again.

In this blog post, we reveal the signs that say it’s time to switch colleges and provide an essential guide to the Year 13 A-Level courses we deliver across a range of subjects.

Have you picked the wrong college?

There are many warning signs that may indicate that you’ve selected the wrong sixth form college to complete your A Levels. Many individuals that are unhappy with their college experience not only feel out of place in the classroom but out of place socially. If you have moved away to pursue further education, you may also be unhappy with the location in which your college is based. Whilst these feelings may be difficult to handle, not feeling challenged enough is another reason why students choose to study the second year of their A Levels elsewhere courtesy of a Year 13 entry course.

We welcome many students looking to complete their final year somewhere new. Thanks to our small class sizes and tailor-made approach to A Level studies we make the transition from one college to our college smooth, simple, and successful. A number of our A Level courses are available with Year 13 entry, including art and design, biology, chemistry, English literature, geography, history, law and physics. Don’t spend the summer worrying about what’s next, get a head start on your future! For a full list of current Year 13 entry A Level courses please click here.

Selected the wrong subjects too?

If you feel that the A-Level subjects you’ve selected aren’t right for you either, there are a number of options you can explore. Go Think Big offers a great insight into changing your path when the wrong subjects have been chosen:

“Two years of A Levels can often feel more like a sentence than a choice, with research by Policy Exchange estimating that 31% of young people drop out of their studies. If you’re feeling like maybe you’ve chosen the wrong options, there are things you can do to change your path. You aren’t stuck… Maybe you’re in your first year of A Levels and, after flicking through prospectuses, you’ve realised that English Literature will in no way qualify you for an exciting-looking degree in astrophysics or cosmology. However, as your nana probably told you, there’s no crying over spilt milk. You’ve got no excuse for not making the changes you need in your life – and if a cosmology degree is what you want to do, what’s stopping you?”

For students who have selected subjects that don’t currently work for them, our two-year A-Level programmes offer an excellent step forward if you are looking for a change of direction. You can also find further tips to take you from Year 12 to 13 in our latest blog post.

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